navy captures 61 pirates in Arabian Sea NEW DELHI – The Indian navy captured 61 pirates who jumped into the Arabian Sea to flee

Philippines Asks China to Patrol Piracy-Plagued Waters
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Philippines Asks China to Patrol Piracy-Plagued Waters

  MANILA, Jan 31 (Reuters) – Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday said he had asked China to help in the fight against Islamic State-linked militants by sending ships to patrol southern waters plagued by raids on commercial vessels. Speaking to newly promoted army generals, Duterte said he had sought China’s help in dangerous waters in the south to check the activities of Abu Sayyaf, a Muslim rebel group sustained by piracy and kidnap-for-ransom activities. A surge in piracy off parts of the Philippines is forcing ship-owners to divert vessels through other waters, pushing up costs and shipping times. Duterte said piracy in the Sulu Sea between eastern Malaysia and the southern Philippines would escalate to levels seen in Somalia, and raise insurance costs for firms and increase prices of consumer goods and services. “We would be glad if they have their presence there … just to patrol,” Duterte said, adding that China could send coastguard vessels, not necessarily “gray” warships. “In the Malacca Strait and here in Sulu Sea remains to be a big problem,” he said. The Malacca Strait, between Malaysia’s west coast and the Indonesian island of Sumatra, has over the years also been plagued by pirates. He did not say if China had responded. The Philippines, Malaysia and Indonesia had an agreement to patrol and tackle the Abu Sayyaf in the Sulu and Celebes Sea after they kidnapped the crew of Indonesian and Malaysian tug boats and South Korean and Vietnamese merchant ships. Philippine Defence Secretary Delfin Lorenzana last week said cooperation might be expanded to include Brunei and Singapore. The United States has also expressed concern about the security problem and held exercises with Malaysia and the Philippines last year. Lorenzana said on Tuesday the military had intensified operations on land with the aim of defeating Abu Sayyaf within six months. (Reporting by Manuel Mogato; Editing by Martin Petty, Robert Birsel) navy_captures_61_pirates_in_arabian_sea_new_delhi 2011 navy captures 61 pirates in Arabian Sea NEW DELHI - The Indian navy captured 61 pirates who jumped into the Arabian Sea to flee a gunfight and fire on the hijacked ship from which they had staged several attacks, a navy statement said Monday.Two Indian navy ships also rescued 13 crew members from the fishing boat Sunday night, nearly 695 miles (1,100 kilometers) off Kochi in southern India, the statement said.The pirates had hijacked the Mozambique-flagged Vega 5 in December and had used it as a mother ship - a base from which they staged several attacks in the vast waters between East Africa and India. A patrol aircraft spotted the mother ship Friday while responding to another vessel reporting a pirate attack, the Indian navy said. The pirates aborted the hijacking attempt and tried to escape in the mother ship. When the Indian ships closed in Sunday night, the pirates fired on them. The hijacked vessel caught fire when the Indian navy returned fire, the navy said. The pirates as well as the crew members jumped into the sea from the burning vessel, but were taken out by Indian sailors, the statement said. The pirates were carrying about 80 to 90 small arms or rifles and a few heavier weapons, likely rocket-propelled grenades, it said. The statement did not describe any casualties among the navy, the fishermen or the pirates in Sunday's clash. The navy was checking whether the pirates were from Somalia or Yemen. They were being taken to Mumbai, India's financial capital, to be prosecuted for attacking the Indian ships. Piracy has plagued the shipping industry off East Africa for years, but violence and ransom demands have escalated in recent months. Pirates held some 30 ships and more than 660 hostages as of February. This was the third anti-piracy operation by the Indian navy this year. It captured 28 Somali pirates last month and another 15 in January. Both groups also are to be prosecuted in Mumbai. Indian warships have been escorting merchant ships as part of international anti-piracy surveillance in the area since 2008. Several nations, including the United States, are prosecuting pirate suspects their militaries captured but other suspects have been released as countries weigh legal issues and other factors. The prosecutions, the growth of criminal gangs participating in piracy and the ever-increasing ransoms have heightened confrontations. Five Puntland security forces and two pirates were killed earlier this month during a failed attempt to rescue Danish captives taken from their hijacked yacht to a pirate stronghold in the semiautonomous northern region of Somalia. Weeks earlier, four Americans on a hijacked yacht were killed by pirates under circumstances that are still unclear. A U.S. Navy destroyer was shadowing the captured boat at the time, and 15 pirate suspects were taken into custody after the gunfire. Posted by seamarshal at 2:23 AM Labels: africa, anti piracy, gulf of aden, hijack, maritime security ant piracy, Military forces for vessel escorts, somalia, yemen Indiens Marine befreit "Vega 5" Dienstag, 15. März 2011 thb rss Bei ihrer bislang erfolgreichsten Operation gegen Piraten hat die indische Marine in der Arabischen See nach eigenen Angaben 61 Seeräuber gefangen genommen. 13 Besatzungsmitglieder eines gekaperten Schiffes seien befreit worden, teilte die Marine gestern mit. Das Kriegsschiff „INS Kaleni" habe am Samstagabend rund 600 Seemeilen westlich der indischen Küste die als Mutterschiff der Piraten genutzte „Vega 5" aufgebracht. Bei einem anschließenden Feuergefecht sei ein Brand auf dem Ende vergangenen Jahres gekaperten Fischereischiff aus Mosambik ausgebrochen. Besatzung und Piraten seien über Bord gesprungen und von der „INS Kaleni" aufgenommen worden. Sie werden nun nach Mumbai gebracht, wohin auch die beschädigte „Vega 5" geschleppt wird. Die Seeräuber sollen aus Somalia oder dem Jemen stammen. Indiens Marine hatte bereits im Januar und Februar in der Arabischen See zwei Piraten-Mutterschiffe aufgebracht und 43 Seeräuber gefangen genommen. Unterdessen haben somalische Piraten alle 26 Besatzungsmitglieder eines Schiffes aus Bangladesch in der Arabischen See frei gelassen. Die von den Seeräubern aufgegebene "Jahan Moni" sei auf dem Weg zur Hafenstadt Salalah im Oman, sagte der Geschäftsführer der Reederei SR Shipping Limited, Mohammad Shahjahan, am Montag in der Hafenstadt Chittagong in Bangladesch. Der Bulker war am 5. Dezember nahe der indischen Inselgruppe der Lakkadiven gekapert worden. Die Piraten hatten 9 Millionen Dollar (6,5 Millionen Euro) Lösegeld gefordert. Aus der Reederei hieß es, man habe sich nach langen Verhandlungen auf 4,2 Millionen Dollar geeinigt. Offiziell aber dementierte die Reederei am Montag, dass Lösegeld gezahlt worden sei. Sie teilte mit, die Freilassung der Geiseln sei durch diplomatische Anstrengungen der Regierung in Dhaka erreicht worden  
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