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Maritime Monday 261

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An explosion lights up the night sky as the the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers blows an 11,000 foot hole in the Birds Point levee in Mississippi County, Mo. on May 2 to protect nearby Cairo, Ill. (David Carson/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/AP) #
Aiguebelle Ships – Surcouf’s Lugger Chocolat d’Aiguebelle “ships” (series of 25 c1910) Lugger of the “King of Corsair’s” Robert Surcouf Robert Surcouf (1773–1827) was a famous French corsair. During his legendary career, he captured 47 ships and was renowned for his gallantry and chivalry, earning the nickname of Roi des Corsaires (“King of Corsairs”). more on wiki
image Figurehead of Napoleon from the French navy ship, Iéna, 1846  (via missfolly) image Bilgewater, Coast Guard Academy Class of 1944. Photo via — via coldisthesea

Italy: Ancient ship uncovered near Rome coast

Rome, 29 April (AKI) – Builders have unearthed the remains of a 2,000 year-old wooden ship dating from the Roman Empire, near the Italian capital Rome’s ancient port of Ostia. The ship’s discovery, made during work at the site of a new road, was hailed as an important one by archaeologists. “It shows that the coastline during during ancient Roman times was some 3-4 kilometres farther inland than it is now,” said Ostia archaeology official Anna Maria Moretti .
more image Amazing Stories, January, 1943 — Many people do not know that America’s employment of the atomic bomb in World War Two was a strategic response to Japan’s army of giant monsters. via thegildedcentury image RMS Carmania sinking SMS Cap Trafalgar near the Brazilian islands of Trindade, September 14, 1914 by Charles Dixon (1872 – 1934); Armed merchantman image The Birth of the Ark Royal, 1950 – This photograph of the HMS Ark Royal was taken by E. Chambré Hardman from the top of Holt Hill, Birkenhead on April 1st, 1950. The ship had just been painted white, as part of preparations for its launch from the Cammell Laird shipyard by the Queen Mother.
The picture was retouched – the white washed gable end nearest the camera was eliminated by the application of coccine nouvelle (a red dye) to the positive transparency, as it detracted from the contrast of the ship. He also painted out an unwanted lamp-post and increades the height of one of the schoolboy’s socks to bring it up to the same height as the other. “I was trying to recreate what I had seen, to produce an effect, and anything that goes against the effect I want, I rule out.” - E. Chambré Hardman, 1983. The copyright of the image belongs to the National Trust. from HOW TO BE A RETRONAUT (via coldisthesea)
image Men from the Royal Navy minesweeper HMS Calton patrol the seas around Aden, searching for dhows running guns to the terrorists, during the country’s war for independence. (Photo by Victor Blackman/Express/Getty Images). 23rd February 1966 – from muratdemirelli image thegraceriots: Here’s a photograph of my dearest Jack Kerouac in a Merchant Marine cap circa 1944. image msbehavoyeur — From: ‘A True Relation of the Unjust, Cruell, and Barbarous Proceedings Against the English at Amboyna in the East-Indies’, 1624. The multi-page pamphlet – [source] – records the torture and execution for treason of employees of the British East India Company by the Dutch East India Company; known as the Amboyna Massacre (Ambon island, Indonesia).  via image American Export Isbrandtsen Lines; The Exarch (USA) 1929.  Ports of Call: New York, Genoa, Marseilles, Leghorn, Naples. (via maritime timetable images) image Time for a smoke. via sailorjunkers image “… His Majesty spouted.” 1809 — (via allmermaids) image fuckyeahwrecks — A man on a motorcycle is blocked by fishing boats washed ashore nearly two months ago by the tsunami that struck north-east Japan on 11 March following a powerful earthquake..  via BBC image Miss Monkey got coffee on her computer. Hunting Dumbo (via mudwerks) image (via sailorjunkers) image Suehiro Maruo – Lunatic Lovers (from dirtyscarab) image Liam Barr; darksilenceinsuburbia image Tom Haubrick – (via C.A.V.E. Gallery’s Three Year Anniversary | Hi-Fructose) image left: Frederick Paul Thumann – The Sirens via sisterwolf — right: Joaquim Marquès Nielsen » Fjordens Dag 2011 plakat (via fuckyeahcartography) image Danish short film about some fishermen who catch a mermaid. see on michaelmay image (via Squid Offers Free Hugs To Submarines) … BustedTees t-shirt “Free Hugs” features a squid getting friendly with a submarine. image Popeye #66 (via dirtyriver) image oldbookillustrations: … Mighty marts beyond the sea. Fenn, from The song of the sower, by William Cullen Bryant, New York, 1871. (Source: image Vintage tattoo design – 28 Pics from drtuesdaygjohnson image A chilly faceful of Elliott Bay! Seattle Maritime Festival, May 14, 2011. Quick n Dirty Boat Building contest. Photos of the festival by Joshua Trujillo,  Via larboardwatch   image

National Jukebox now online, serving up hits from the early 1900s | Ars Technica

(via mudwerks) — These days when a new music service launches itself, the sell is usually access to the latest cutting-edge content or classic pop genres. Count on the Library of Congress to offer something very different. The LOC’s just released online National Jukebox offers cutting-edge material for sure, but circa 1901 through 1925: 10,000 ready-to-audit recordings made by the Victor Talking Machine Company. “Imagine your computer as a new Gramophone purchased for family and friends to enjoy in your home parlor,” the LOC’s announcement proclaims. “Audition popular recorded selections of the beginning of the 20th century years—band music, novelty tunes, humorous monologues, hits from the season’s new musical theater productions, the latest dance rhythms, and opera arias…”
image Cigarette Card – Anglo-Saxon Ship – Player’s Cigarettes “Wooden Walls” (set of 10 extra large cards issued in 1908) An Anglo-Saxon Ship 10th Century – cigcardpix image Artist: Victor Hugo (yes, that Victor Hugo). circa 1866. – from octopoda image ca. 1945, “Sky Pirates”, [Ground crew at Royal Naval Air Station Greenock] – National Archives via drtuesdaygjohnson image Creatures from the Census of Marine Life:  Red-lined Paper Bubble … off Japan’s Cape Nomamisaki. This new species of Bubble Snail was discovered in a sperm whale carcass in the deep sea. Its tiny eyes, two black dots, are protected by wing-like folds. (Our Amazing Planet) via larboardwatch image A whaling ship with its sails down in Spitzbergen, surrounded by several whales lying dead in the sea. Original Artwork: Catchpole Collection. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images). 1905 (muratdemirelli) image Hanging out with Neptune – Actor Burr McIntosh as “Father Neptune” for the “Neptune Electrical Extravaganza” pageant Long Beach, California 1933 – (via allmermaids) image both: Claire Hampshire on traditionaltattoos image Suehiro Maruo on sutured-infection (via mudwerks) image Anselmo Ballester poster for Rough, Tough and Ready (directed by Del Lord, 1945) which for some reason was known as Femmine del Mar (Females of the Sea) in Italy (via tanuchi) image (via mudwerks) image Harold Lloyd and Bebe Daniels in Captain Kidd’s Kids (1919) – After a wild bachelor party, our hero finds himself aboard a sailing vessel where he encounters numerous adventures. In a dream sequence, he fantasizes that the ship is seized by a band of female pirates. via rantingsofamoderndayglamourgirl image hoodoothatvoodoo: Bakufu Ohno image See You Next Week! – Walrus (via jraffunderwater)
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