US Coast Guard – Back on the Small Screen

US Coast Guard – Back on the Small Screen

By On March 15, 2012
COAST GUARD ALASKA Following on the success of “Coast Guard Alaska”, The Weather Channel and Al Roker Entertainment announced a new docu-series to be called “Coast Guard Florida” earlier today. Scheduled to premiere in October 2012, the show will follow the men and women of the 7th Coast Guard District as they conduct operations aimed at protecting Americans on the sea, protecting America from threats delivered by sea and protecting the sea itself. “The response to ‘Coast Guard Alaska’ demonstrated the public’s interest in seeing good people do good work on behalf of the nation in a magnificent part of the country,” said Capt. Ron LaBrec, chief of Coast Guard public affairs. “Operating out of Florida presents a different set of challenges for our service and ‘Coast Guard Florida’ will provide the American people with another insider look into what it wants from its public agencies – important work, done competently and efficiently by dedicated and inspiring public servants.” Showcasing Coast Guard men and women operating out of Florida means introducing a whole new set of Coast Guard missions including ports, waterways, coastal security, drug interdiction, and border security in addition to the heavy dose of search and rescue and environmental protection missions the “Coast Guard Alaska” audience has already come to associate with the nation’s oldest continuing seagoing service. Scheduled for thirteen episodes of 60-minutes each, “Coast Guard Florida” will premiere one year after the launch of “Coast Guard Alaska.” The Weather Channel has already announced plans to air a second and third season of the show that introduced millions to Coast Guard Air Station Kodiak and will continue showcase personnel hard at work at Coast Guard sectors, stations, patrol boats and cutters standing the watch over Alaska’s 44,000 miles of coastline on a daily basis. “Coast Guard Florida” will have a very different look and feel as it highlights operations and missions from three different stations in southern Florida. “‘Coast Guard Alaska’ is one of the projects I’m most proud of as a producer,” said Al Roker, president and CEO of Al Roker Entertainment. “The United States Coast Guard is an awe-inspiring group of men and women and we feel privileged to give viewers an inside look at the courageous acts they embark on every day in serving our country. ‘Coast Guard Florida’ will allow us to continue to tell their stories.” This article was originally written by Christopher Lagan for Coast Guard Compass.
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From National Missions to Worldwide Responsibilities and Maritime Domain Awareness… At Sea and On Land, CACI Supports the U. S. Coast Guard with an Array of Projects Vital to the Service and Our Nation At portSince 1996 we have been a trusted partner of the Coast Guard, providing the resources and tools that help the service fulfill the missions that are so essential to keeping the nation safe and its maritime assets secure. From comprehensive data networks linking more than 40,000 users to engineering and logistics support for full-speed ahead operations. From tactical law enforcement training, to technology thought leadership support, to business systems support that ensures assets are well managed for mission success. When the Coast Guard needs to be "always ready," CACI is always ready to provide support. Examples of our current support include U.S. Coast Guard Maritime Homeland Security – Taking Effective Action at Sea to Help Keep Our Homeland Secure Coast Guard boardingWhen a Coast Guard cutter captures a suspect ship, chances are the boarding crew learned the intricate maneuvers of safe, successful boarding from CACI professionals. Our experienced staff provides all the law enforcement training for ship boarding and takedowns, including exercises tailored to unique coastal settings and platforms. Team CACI supported development of the USCG counterterrorism and advanced interdiction (CT/AI) concept. We assist the Coast Guard in managing its CT/AI capabilities and in planning special operations techniques, close quarters combat (CQC), high risk boarding and the Coast Guard's premier Vertical Insertion Center of Excellence. U.S. Coast Guard Data Network Plus – Keeping Information Flowing 24/7/365 CGDN+ Since 2004 CACI's Coast Guard Data Network Plus (CGDN+) support has provided data network services to more than 40,000 users. CACI is responsible for the network 24/7/365, with a network architecture that anticipates USCG traffic growth and technical evolution, permitting a variety of technologies for specific user requirements. CACI is responsible end-to-end – from integration and testing to engineering, operations and maintenance. U.S. Coast Guard Reliability Centered Maintenance – Ensuring Mission Readiness with Proven Management Processes Keeping the Coast Guard fleet ready for critical missions, CACI's reliability centered maintenance (RCM) and analysis support is key to achieving this national priority. From the analysis of configuration data, supply requirements and maintenance history, we provide comprehensive maintenance effectiveness reviews (MER) for standard boat and cutter platforms from Baltimore, MD and in Norfolk, VA and facilitate MERs throughout the U.S. We ensure work is accomplished on time, within cost and with the highest quality. CACI advances process improvement through lessons learned. We are an active member of the Deepwater reliability, maintainability and availability (RM&A) evaluation group, for cross platform policies, failure reporting and corrective actions system (FRACAS), failure review board (FRB) and systems reliability metrics. U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Logistics System Support Services – Getting What's Needed to Where It's Needed… On Time and Within Budget U.S. Coast Guard Vessel Logistics System Support ServicesCACI offers a full suite of solutions and service offerings that plan and control the flow and storage of goods, services and information. We assist the Coast Guard with enterprise logistics systems for development and sustainment across the fleet – from supply and maintenance process integration to training for naval, civil engineering and electronics communities, to inventory control tool development, to configuration data development and validation, to change management. For CMplus, the central repository for Coast Guard asset maintenance, CACI supports more than 600 Coast Guard cutters and shore side support organizations. U.S. Coast Guard's Maritime Domain Awareness Initiative – Supporting the Big Picture of Seaborne Activities Worldwide Maritime domain awareness (MDA) CACI subject matter experts are front and center in supporting the Coast Guard's role in maritime domain awareness (MDA)… helping to identify policy and technology approaches to improve situational awareness attuned to a user-defined operational picture demanded by the mission. This thought leadership role supports the development of policy, organization, and command relationships and interagency activities to achieve MDA. We assist senior Coast Guard MDA leadership in developing strategic plans and resource requirements for C4&IT deployments. U.S. Coast Guard Financial Support Services – Helping to Advance Transformation by Financial Information with Multi-User Transparency By bringing innovative, web-based database technology to the desktops of Coast Guard financial managers, CACI provides tools to help e-tracking and managing of financial assets. We develop reports to meet financial, management and asset reporting needs, ensuring requirements are accurately defined. CACI supports the Coast Guard's financial center (FINCEN) in the assembly and maintenance of FINCEN reports. Our project methodologies develop highly effective project plans to meet FINCEN's financial report design, development and testing needs. Examples of the CACI support for the financial requirements of the USCG include
  • USCG Yard Fiscal Accounting Department in Baltimore, MD – Independent, wall-to-wall audits and third-party verification of property and equipment
  • Military Sealift Command – Financial and contract award reports, plus a data warehouse for reconciliation
  • Engineer Logistics Center in Baltimore, MD – Forensic logistics reviews of the processes policies and controls surrounding the OM&S and PP&E Repairable Spares cycles
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