Overview: During the reporting period from 27 Oct – 02 Nov 11 one MV was pirated in the IRTC. In the Somali Basin (SB),

ukmto_somalia Overview: During the reporting period from 27 Oct – 02 Nov 11 one MV was pirated in the IRTC. In the Somali Basin (SB), there was one suspicious activity, one approach (reported by fishing vessels) and two attacks. In the Arabian Sea (AS) there were three approaches. After some quiet weeks the activity is slowly rising this week but still is significantly less compared to last year. Southern Red Sea (SRS)/Bab Al Mandeb (BAM) Favourable conditions for small boats in general and the high traffic of all kinds of vessels in this region in particular, continue to make this an area of concern. Gulf of Aden (GOA)/Internationally Recommended Transit Corridor (IRTC) Within the GOA, piracy can occur at any time as seen by this week’s pirating of the MT LIQUID VELVET. The prudent and timely application of solid BMP ( Best management practice )can impact the final outcome of an approach or attack. Pirate skiffs still blend into local fishing activity/traffic; thus this area remains a high threat region. Arabian Sea/Greater Somali Basin. Environmental conditions in the AS have been temporarily degraded by a tropical cyclone; however, as this effect diminishes during the next 24 –hour period, the pirates will continue to exploit this area, deploying from the northeast Somali costal camps into the northern SB and AS. In the entire SB and along the coast of Somalia we are seeing a rising level of whaler PAG activity. Eight PAGs are assessed to be active in the entire region. Two PAGs in the areas between 15 to 20 N and 55 to 60 E, about 600 nm north of the Seychelles, one dhow PAG off Garacad and five whaler PAGs between 01 to 10 S and 40 to 55 E. Counter Piracy Guidance Update Despite the success gained by the anti piracy forces, pirates will continue their business and try to hijack any vessel of opportunity. The presence of vessels underway possibly used as motherships pose a threat to merchant vessels so the advise to Masters is firmly repeated: proceed in these areas with extreme caution. Extra vigilance, implementation and adherence to BMP and Self- Protection Measures remain essential for all areas. Instead of the sometimes very vague descriptions of the platforms used by the pirates, a greater benefit to improve the counter piracy efforts and in time warning to shipping could be generated by ships masters having cameras prepared and ready to take as many detailed pictures as possible of any suspect vessel within visual range. The successful rescue of the crews of MV PACIFIC EXPRESS and MV MONTECRISTO continues to be a most valuable model demonstrating the value of BMP, safe room/citadel and the requirement for long range communications from a safe room/citadel to communicate crew status to counter-piracy forces. It is recommended that masters contact UKMTO immediately if they encounter any suspicious activity such as stationary radar contacts, skiffs carrying ladders or other piracy equipment, or any situation that may indicate a vessel is under attack. When contacting UKMTO, Masters are urged to use the telephone as the first means of communication. UKMTO Telephone: +97150 55 23215. The sooner that UKMTO receives the information regarding a suspicious incident, the potential response by naval forces will be quicker and assist in a faster resolution of the situation. Masters may send a supplementary email providing any additional information to follow up at their earliest convenience (including photographs of skiffs and possible mother ships, if available). Masters may also contact NSC +44(0)1923 956574 to s
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